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A Photographer's Home

This 9,500 square foot home got a facelift with new flooring, wall treatments, kitchen cabinets, bathroom remodels, lighting and furnishings. Artistry took center stage in this transformation, honoring the client's passionate collection and her own prowess as a photographer. Every room and corridor became a canvas for grand pieces, with even the shower becoming a captivating exhibit. Our dedication to lighting design shone through, recognizing its pivotal role in showcasing these treasures. Designing for a vast space with lofty ceilings posed a challenge: how to maintain a sense of homely comfort amidst such grandeur? Our solution lay in dividing the spacious living room into distinct, intimate zones—a game table, a cozy sectional for unwinding, and a conversational enclave. This deliberate compartmentalization infused warmth and created an inviting ambiance, steering clear of an impersonal gallery feel. Scope: Partial Home Remodel Location: Del Mar, CA Designer: B Street Contractor: Bauer Construction, Inc. Photographer: Samantha Goh Photography

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