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Contemporary Zenith Oasis

This home prized itself on unique architecture, with sharp angles and interesting geometric shapes incorporated throughout the design. We wanted to intermix this style in a softer fashion, while also maintaining functionality in the kitchen and bathrooms that were to be remodeled. The refreshed spaces now exude a highly contemporary allure, featuring integrated hardware, rich wood tones, and intriguing asymmetrical cabinetry, all anchored by a captivating silver roots marble. In the bathrooms, integrated slab sinks took the spotlight, while the powder room countertop radiated a subtle glow. To address previous storage challenges, a full-height cabinet was introduced in the hall bath, optimizing space. Additional storage solutions were seamlessly integrated into the primary closet, adjacent to the primary bath. Despite the dark wood cabinetry, strategic lighting choices and lighter finishes were employed to enhance the perceived spaciousness of the rooms. Scope: Partial Remodel Location: Del Mar, CA Designer: B Street Contractor: Smith Brothers Construction Photographer: Samantha Goh

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