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From Kitchen to Whole Home

This powerhouse business owner with impeccable taste initially hired us for a kitchen remodel. Then, one space became two, two became three, and before we knew it, we had remodeled the entire home! Her down-to-earth personality and shared love of mid-century design made this an easy match, and we worked together to infuse her style and precious family memories into the space. We integrated new layouts, opened up spaces, added thoughtful furnishings, and transformed this historic home into a fresh yet timeless ode to its era. Our favorite feature is the floating shelf in the kitchen, which provides much-needed storage and opens up the kitchen to the living room, creating clear sightlines and a spacious feel. This home is now ready for post-work relaxation or lively family gatherings. Scope: Whole-Home Remodel Location: Mt. Helix, CA Designer: B Street Contractor: B Street Photographer: Samantha Goh Photography

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