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Cool Desert Contemporary

This entrepreneurial couple hired us to collaborate with them on their new custom home in the desert, from the initial architectural stages through to the installation. Though their original vision was for a “tropical” oasis, due to their locale, we helped them discover a desert oasis they absolutely adore instead. To make the landscape a focal point, we balanced warm and cool tones in the design, embraced clean lines, and layered intriguing texture throughout the home using artwork, shapes, and materials. Some of the standout features include a floating staircase over the desert scape, a stunning fountain that we created from a rock found on the property, a custom wine display, and more. Through some ingenuity, we also balanced cost-effective and luxury materials without compromising the design vision, such as pairing porcelain with high-end textured limestone. The result? The perfect marriage of beauty and practicality, creativity and simplicity, paradise and escape. Scope: Custom Home Location: Rancho Bernardo, CA Designer: B Street Contractor: Smith Brothers Architect: Reggie Reyes Studio

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